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They keep asking me if everything's gonna be okay and.. I don't have the words.
— Doug Thompson to Travis Manawa, Not Fade Away

Douglas Thompson is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is portrayed by John Stewart.



Douglas Thompson lives in El Sereno with his wife and two daughters. Doug Thompson is described as being a car junkie. Doug and Travis Manawa once had a beer together.

Season 1[]

Not Fade Away[]

When the National Guard begin to screen the survivors within the gates of the neighborhood, Doug learns about the screening by the National Guard and refuses to take it, locking himself in the bathroom. Travis Manawa is requested by Maria Thompson, his wife to talk with him. Moyers tells Travis that if he doesn't come out, they will go in and take him down. Travis opens the bathroom door, and finds Doug sitting on the edge of the tub, scared and upset.

Doug won't come out of the bathroom.

Travis is able to calm Doug down to the point he lets in a doctor to screen him. Travis tells Doug to tell his family that it will be fine, and Doug asks Travis if they know he will be lying, believing everything won't be. The medical personal soon come up to screen Doug.

That night, Doug's wife Maria and her daughters show up after curfew at the Clark household. She reveals that Doug had taken his car after curfew, which is against the rules, and driven off. Doug's car is found abandoned by the perimeter by Travis the following morning, and Lieutenant Moyers reveals that Doug was found by the soldiers, crying in his car and then he was taken into custody, due to Moyers believing he is a "nutcase".


Douglas was held at the medical facility, inside a wire cage as a holding area for the sick and distressed. In the same cage is a man named Strand, who taunts him, telling Doug he can't protect his family, that his wife will turn to another man who will be able to protect her and her daughters. Strand is relentless in his humiliation of Doug Thompson who breaks down and cries, attracting the attention of the guards who take him away. It is unknown what happened to him after the soldiers took him away.


Maria Thompson[]

It is shown by Maria that she cares deeply for Doug, attempting to get one of his friends (Travis Manawa) to speak with him after locking himself in the bathroom. After Doug drives off after curfew, Maria is shown to be in a frantic state of desperation, worried that Doug may be hurt by the National Guard soldiers.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man

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