Dead Run - Ep 1

A screenshot from Episode 1 of the game

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is the official mobile game of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. It is available for Apple and Android phones and can be downloaded from The App Store and from Google Play.

The game "puts you inside the apocalyptic fall of Los Angeles from AMC’s hit series Fear the Walking Dead. Relentlessly pursued by the undead, you flee across familiar LA landscapes as the city is overrun; an abandoned church, a high school, the local sports arena. Shoot too much and you’ll slow down. Don’t shoot enough and you’ll be overtaken."

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is created by Versus Evil[1]. Versus Evil is run by Steve Escalante who, it says on the Versus Evil website, "recently saved the world from the zombie apocalypse."[2] With that kind of experience it's not hard to see why they'd be involved in the official Fear mobile game.

The game can be played as the following main characters: Travis Manawa, Madison Clark, Victor Strand, Daniel Salazar, Chris Manawa, Nick Clark. However, characters become unavailable for a particular player if that character dies on the show before the players has unlocked the game character.

It has three episodes:

  1. Sanctuary: "Fight your way through the streets of South Los Angeles as chaos spreads."
  2. School’s Out: "Escape the overrun high school. Save whoever you can, but most importantly keep running."
  3. Cobalt: "Visit the arena where the sick have been taken for… treatment."

Intriguingly, the game offers the chance to play episodes that extend the story.

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