Daniel's Warehouse is a location which appears in Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this location prior to the outbreak, but it can be assumed it was used for storage and that it was located in the state of Texas.


The warehouse was initially used by an unidentified man who set up traps for both the infected and living people. He stocked the warehouse with supplies and several vehicles (including a plane). This mans ultimate fate is unknown.

At some point after the events at the Gonzalez Dam, Daniel Salazar made his way to Texas, where he 'inherited' the warehouse, disarmed the traps and gave an interview to Althea. Daniel set up various other traps specifically for the infected, mainly the curb-spikes. When Victor Strand arrives, the warehouse is surrounded by a high fence and a steel gate as well as the aforementioned curb-spikes.

In the episode Skidmark, Sarah knocks a hole in the fence while trying to steal Daniel's plane.

During the episode Channel 4, Daniel abandoned the warehouse in order to join Morgan’s Group.

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