The Mexican culture has three kinds of deaths, and their relationship with death is super unique. There’s the day you die, the day you get buried and the day you’re forgotten. When this apocalypse happened, the dead weren’t buried and they’re used as a way to survive from the humans. What they’re really protecting themselves from is not the dead, but the humans. That’s the real danger. So, when anybody gets infected, they have to join the wall. It’s not a sacrifice. They surrender before they infect anybody else that they love inside La Colonia. The dead are our neighbors and friends. We recognize them and of course it’s difficult, but it’s the only way we survive. We protect each other whether we’re dead or alive. To me, that’s an act of love.
— Danay Garcia[1]

Danay Garcia portrays the role of Luciana in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. Her character appears in Season 2b. Garcia is the only Cuban actress in the U.S. who was born in her homeland and escaped the Communist regime when she fled in 2003 with her son; she was granted political asylum by the United States. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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  • Prison Break, Sofia Lugo, (2007-2009)
  • Liz in September, Coqui, (2014)
  • Danika, Myra, (2006)
  • From Mexico with Love, Maria, (2009)

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  • Garcis has been dancing since she was 10 years old and knows Ballet, Salsa, African Dance, Meringue, Belly Dancing, and Flamenco.
  • She also works as a model, she has been featured in Italian Vogue and in ad campaigns for Mercedes-Benz.
  • Garcia lives in Los Angeles, California

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