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Culver City is a city in California.


Culver City is a city in southern California, and is nearly completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. It was founded in 1917.


As the outbreak began (but before the series began), a resident of Culver City (Patrick Sutherland) was involved in an incident where he first attacked his family and then wandered into an ally beside his house where he ate his neighbors cat. It was reported in an unnamed Los Angeles newspaper. The way the story was reported suggests that Patrick was infected. It can be

The news report of Patrick Sutherland

assumed that Culver City was overrun when Los Angeles was overrun, and was destroyed when Los Angeles was destroyed in accordance with Operation Cobalt.


  • In the newspaper report, the reporter states that Patrick Sutherland was shot by members of the LAPD. It is unkown why the LAPD would be operating in Culver City, as the city has a police force of its own.
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