Colman Domingo portrays the character of Strand in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. His character appears in Season 1 and Season 2. After starting out as a guest star playing a recurring character, Domingo was made a main cast member at the end of Season 1.

Domingo, who is gay and has written about his experience growing up and coming out in a one-man play, calls the show’s handling of Victor Strand’s sexuality “brave” and “courageous,” and “very normal.”

I even wondered, ‘Is that a big reveal?’ Because I think if we’re talking about his true nature, well, why wouldn’t someone think that he could’ve been with a man? Why not? Should something [about him] tip them off or not? Because I think in the world, there are no tip-offs. People are people. You find out more as they reveal to you.
— Colman [1]


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