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This article contains details of the events during the episode "Not Fade Away" which were directly contributed to or witnessed by Christopher Manawa.

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Chris vlogging from the roof

With the arrival of the military, life seems to have settled into a routine. The episode opens with Nick sunbathing in the pool and Travis jogging with headphones. Chris is on the roof recording a video diary and we listen in on him, catching up on events since we saw them last.

Chris says that it's now 9 days since the power failed and the military arrived. They've put up a fence around the area, the "Safe Zone" and have been supplying the people inside it with food, water and some medical supplies. They've also been enforcing a strict curfew. There were some outside the fence close enough to be seen and they were loaded into trucks with one suitcase each - to go "East", Chris doesn't really know where they are taken and nor does anyone else. Life inside the fence is safe, there's no one living outside the fence anymore.

He sees a flash from a house across the valley, the flashing is regular and repeats.

Travis doesn't see the flashes

Travis doesn't see, or doesn't take the time to see the flashes

Chris is still on the roof trying to signal across the valley to whoever in the large house over there was flashing earlier when Travis climbs 1/2 way up to tell Chris to come and help Maddy. Chris gets him to look at the video he's recorded but Travis doesn't see the flashes and tell Chris it's nothing. Chris goes to help Madison with the painting.

When Alicia gets home, alone, with her trolley of supplies and sees them painting the family room, they don't see her.

Maddy sees it

Maddy takes the time to look at Chris' video

When they finish and are rehanging the paintings, Chris shows Maddy his flashing video. Madison sees it flashing but wants to know why Chris hasn't shown his Dad etc. she sees it though, she knows it's a person.

When the military arrive for Griselda and end up taking Nick as well, Chris and Daniel try to stop them and the soldiers react violently.

The soldiers catch up with Nick

Nick can't get away

Travis stands between the soldiers and them, telling the guardsmen to take it easy - they calm down.

From the house, Chris see his mother get in the soldier's truck outside, sees her mouth "I love you" and go. He's not close enough to try and stop her. He storms out of the house ignoring Travis when he tried calls him back.

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