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This article contains details of the events during the episode "Cobalt" which were directly contributed to or witnessed by Christopher Manawa.

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Travis brings some coffee for Madison

Travis brings some coffee for Madison

Travis brings some coffee for Madison who is sitting at the dining table, she looks as if she's been up all night. He's about to go out and talk to Moyers. Chris walks in, hostile about Travis making plans with Madison about trying to get his mother back without involving him. He tells Madison to not interrupt him when he's talking to his father about "family matters". Travis briskly walks Chris away from Maddy and it's immediately obvious how upset and near to tears Chris is. Travis tells him to be strong, and to apologise to Madison. Chris goes out instead.

I'm not

Alicia's not kidding

Chris is lying on the top of someone's car when Alicia rides up on a "borrowed" bike and teases him, flirts with him. She tells him to come with her to see something. He does and she shows him a house that belonged to a very rich family. Expensive toys that Chris plays with and expensive clothes, jewellery and makeup that Alicia puts on. Chris sees
Expensive clothes, jewellery and makeup

Alicia sees him disappear

her sliding the strap off a shoulder as she looks in the mirror and backs off in a hurry, Alicia sees him disappear and smiles. In the rich family's house he looks younger, and she looks older.
Finishes off the champagne

Alicia drains the bottle, then throws it at the wall

First smile in a while

Alicia's first smile in a while

And Chris'

And Chris'

Chris and Alicia have both changed clothes now, dressed in the expensive clothing that's been left behind and are drinking champagne from the bottle. They are looking at the pictures of the family that lived there, wondering where they went. Alicia asks Chris if he wonders what happened to them and Chris, still staring at a picture of that family on the mantelpiece, says he doesn't. Alicia sits at the grand piano and watches Chris throw the picture on the floor - she drains the champagne bottle and throws that as well. They wreck the room and grin at each other.

Large screen TVs and kid's bikes

The soldiers aren't patrolling, they're taking large screen TVs and kid's bikes

They're not patrolling

Alicia and Chris can see something's wrong

Walking home. Alicia and Chris hide from what they think at first are the patrols they're so used to. But the soldiers are looting now, taking flat screen TVs etc. Alicia can see that something is wrong.

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