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Charlene is a character in Season 3 of FtWD. She is portrayed by American Actress Lindsay Pulsipher. Charlene is a member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community along with her mother. She is close friends with Jake Otto and Jeremiah Otto is her godfather.


Nothing is known about Charlene's life before the apocalypse, except that she is part of the same group of survivalists as Russell Otto and his family.


"Eye of the Beholder"[]

After Troy gets his eye pierced with a spoon by Madison Clark, she is seen trying to help Jake Otto get his brother back.

"The New Frontier"[]

Charlene was patrolling the area of the downed helicopter during the night when she was overcome by Infected, though not before she'd managed to give the alarm. Jake Otto later found her body and put her down before she reanimated.


After her death, at a memorial for Charlene, her mother makes a speech about her and blames Madison Clark for Charlene's death but is quickly stopped by Jake Otto. A picture of a younger Charlene is seen next to Pat as she's talking.



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