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Fear the Walking Dead looks at ordinary people and families coping with the extraordinary events and tensions. Among those people is Daniel, his wife Griselda and their daughter Ofelia.

Daniel Salazar, played by Rubén Blades, is a barber who came to Los Angeles from El Salvador in the 1980's with his wife, Griselda Salazar who is played by Patricia Reyes Spíndola. They came to escape the political troubles of the time in their home country.

Ofelia Salazar is their daughter; she was born in the US and speaks idiomatic English with very little accent. Her father, Daniel, speaks fluent English with a slight accent whilst Griselda speaks very little English. All three speak Spanish fluently; as a family they seem to speak Spanish between themselves, certainly in times of stress.

He came to the country like many Latinos come to the country, because of political issues in the country of origin. He’s trying to reinvent his life, basically.... So when this happens, we are forced to relive the issue. Some people are better prepared than others and don’t know this.

Daniel and Griselda have a daughter Ophelia Salazar played by Mercedes Mason. Ophelia was born and brought up in the US.

[Ofelia is] the daughter of immigrant parents. So she has a lot of allegiance to them. So she loves her parents, obviously, and she wants what’s best for them. I come from immigrant parents, so I know even growing up, you feel like you have to cater to them, take care of them. English isn’t their first language, so you end up defending them a lot and you want to protect them. So when this happens, when people start turning, she doesn’t know who she can rely on, because she doesn’t start discovering things about her parents — she gets an idea that maybe they aren’t who they said they were and maybe some of the reasons they left El Salvador, she was unaware of. So she’s sort of stuck in this world now where yesterday, October 11th, she had every sort of opportunity and hope and great future, and now she’s literally questioning everything. Her world is tumbling and she’s grasping for straws, trying figure out who she is. It’s almost like puberty again, figuring out who you are and what you’re capable of and who you can rely on.

Blades hints that that many characters will have unexpected strengths and weaknesses in the post-apocalyptic world and that this will be a major theme of Fear the Walking Dead.

It’s interesting that the first person who realizes what is going on [with the apocalypse] is a drug addict. I thought that was very interesting. It wasn’t the school teacher or the counselor.

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