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This category contains information and some AMC promotional images of fictional documents or web pages from the days of the fall of civilization shown in Season 1.

There are indications that official bodies such as the police and health care organizations like Temple Hospital are aware of a large scale and serious public health problem at the time of of the start of Season 1.

  • LAPD/California Highway Patrol
    • At the start of "So Close, Yet So Far" we hear a radio report that there's been a "massive spike" in shootings by the LAPD.
    • A leaked and fragmentary newspaper article reports the shooting of a man who was found eating a pet cat and otherwise behaving erratically (listed in this category).
    • The California Highway Patrol are involved in an incident where a crash victim reanimates and attacks the paramedics attending him. Videos of this incident were leaked and, when added to other shooting incidents, led to protests against "police brutality."
    • A homeless man is shot in downtown Los Angeles by the LAPD, causing the protest Chris was caught up in. We don't know the circumstances of this shooting. It can be implied from the protest that surround his death that the man was unarmed and was shot with no apparent provocation; this suggests that the officer who shot him knew the man presented a serious threat.
    • In the immediate aftermath of the shooting of the homeless man (and adding fuel to the fire of growing tension), a tattooed young woman was shot in downtown LA by officer Gonzales in circumstances that, again, suggest the officer knew that the small, unarmed and obviously sick woman presented a serious threat.
    • When Travis is on the way to the Ortiz home he sees an LAPD sergeant filling the otherwise empty trunk of his squad car with bottled water. This suggests that the officer knew there was a serious problem and that he might not have access to drinking water.
  • Temple Hospital
    • In "Pilot" when Nick is in hospital, the man in the next bed has a cardiac arrest and the non-standard procedure the crash team follow is exactly in line with that mandated by the WHO in a leaked partial memo (listed in this category).
  • The FAA - the FAA issued a message for all planes to be grounded immediately.  

    FAA warning to ground all planes

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