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Clark Family

This category contains characters, living and dead, who are members of the Clark family.

This is a "blended family" made up of the Clarks: Madison, Alicia and Nick plus Travis Manawa who is Madison's fiance.

Madison's husband, Stephen, died in an accident about 6 years years before the events in Season 1. There don't seem to be any photos of Stephen in the Clark home.

Madison is in her mid to late forties. She is a capable and respected person both in her work and personal life. She builds close relationships with the people around her but does not seem to put herself forward for leadership roles. Losing her husband in an accident, as you would expect, has been a defining event in her life and her relationship with Travis is very important to her and she has relied on him. As the last vestiges of civilization erode away, Travis copes less well. In contrast Madison's harder instincts kick in and guide her.

The family is typical of a blended family that involves teenage children in that it's not without its tensions. Whilst Madison and Travis are close, the teenage children, Alicia and Nick, both resent Travis.

Alicia is 17, a model daughter and student with a boyfriend (Matt) and a plan for University that will take her away from the family. She has her life planned and can't wait to get away, mostly because of her brother. "One more year." she tells her boyfriend in the first episode, "Pilot". She both loves and resents her older brother Nick. Alicia is deeply affected by the presumed death of her boyfriend Matt but does not let people, even family members, see that. She also doesn't try to see him after one initial attempt that failed when Nick became ill.

Nick is 19 and rather less of a role model. He has flunked out of community college and despite going through more than one drug rehab' programme is still addicted to heroin; he absents himself from the family home for days at a time without explanation. At the start of events in Season 1 he is on a downward spiral; unless something major occurs and intervenes in his chaotic life it is difficult to see a good outcome for him. He both loves and resents his younger sister Alicia, she is everything he can't be. Frank Dillane describes Nick as a selfish little rat. The Fall doesn't initially change this behaviour, he continues to secure a supply of drugs at any cost. We haven't seen anything Nick won't do in order to obtain drugs.

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