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Calvin is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is Nick's best friend and also his drug dealer. Calvin appears in the first episode of Season 1, "Pilot".



Calvin is a contemporary of Nick’s, a former student of Paul R. Williams High School and knows Madison and Travis from there.

Season 1[]


Madison and Travis go to see Nick’s friend Calvin, a very clean cut young man who's cleaning out his parent's car when they arrive; he says he hasn't seen Nick in a while - but looks a bit shifty as he says it.

Madison and Travis arrive at Calvin's house looking for Nick.

Nick calls Calvin repeatedly and eventually meets with him at a diner. Calvin questions Nick about why Madison and Travis had come to see him and Nick swears he's said nothing about Calvin's drug business. Calvin appears to comfort Nick and asks him "how long it's been", meaning since Nick last had any heroin.

Calvin, dead after being accidentally shot by Nick.

He says he'll take care of him, implying that he'll give him some heroin, and takes Nick to an abandoned part of the city by the LA River. He stops the car and gets a handgun from the trunk of the car. When Nick sees this, he tackles Calvin, the gun goes off and Calvin is shot in the centre of the chest. Calvin is obviously dead.

Later when Travis and Madison arrive after being called by Nick an Infected Calvin attacks them and is run-down by Nick, using Travis' pickup, twice.

An Infected Calvin ends up at the bottom of the ramp to the access tunnel, badly damaged but still trying to reach and attack Madison, Travis & Nick.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man


  • Calvin is The Infected seen in the original teaser trailer that was released in March 2015
  • Was the first amputee character to be on the show, as an Infected, he got his lower jaw and leg amputated by Travis' pickup, driven by Nick.

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