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You're trying to save six people, I'm trying to save 600,000. And that means one slipup, one "what if" and we all start finding out how the neighbors taste.
— Bethany to Liza, Cobalt

Bethany Exner is a doctor working with the California National Guard She first appears in the episode "Not Fade Away and is portrayed by Sandrine Holt.



Nothing is known of Exner from before The Fall.

Season 1[]

"Not Fade Away"[]

Ten days after the power failed Dr. Exner visits Hector Ramirez in the El Sereno Safe Zone and arranges for him to be moved to "somewhere he can get the care he needs." Hector is currently being cared for by his wife Cynthia Ramirez and Liza Ortiz, who Cynthia introduces as a "Nurse Practitioner". In fact, before The Fall, Liza was a student nurse with ambitions to become a doctor and is not qualified. Exner has no one else to help her in the Safe Zone and she surprises Liza by asking her to "carry on pretending". She also visits Griselda Salazar, who injured her foot escaping a riot in LA. Griselda's foot needs more care and Exner arranges to have her moved as well. Liza also tells her (off-screen) about Nick Clark and his problems with addiction and Exner assesses him in the back yard of the Clark home.

That evening, Exner turns up unexpectedly with soldiers to collect Griselda. They also want Nick; Nick resists and is cuffed. They are taken away in separate vehicles despite the protests of the household.

When Liza tries to intervene on Nick's behalf, Exner persuades her to come with them, where she will be able to look after Griselda and others.

"The Good Man"[]

Dr. Exner is next seen in The Military Hospital tending patients and performing surgeries. It is clear that she is a little overwhelmed. She informs Lisa of the plans to relocate to Edwards Air Force Base and of how to terminate those patients who wont live with a cattle gun.

After Daniel Salazar executes his plan to overrun the hospital with the infected from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, and it becomes apparent that evacuation is no longer a viable option, Dr. Exner stays behind to terminate the remaining patients. It is unknown what happened to her.


Her status is "Unknown" for the moment. From our last view of Exner it seems likely that she killed herself using the cattle gun in The Military Hospital, as the hospital and compound were overrun with Infected and she could not access any supplies or flee as Los Angeles was bombed but Showrunner, Dave Erickson came out with her fate by saying:

"In my mind, she was planning to use the cattle pistol on herself. Her mission failed and she had to look into what our characters don't understand yet: This is the end. She is left in a place where I don't think she sees any way to bounce back from it. We have no plans for Exner right now."

Indicating that she possibly not dead.



Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man

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