Beckett is a character who first appeared in “Here to Help” in Season 5 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. He is a soldier for the CRM.


Nothing is known about Beckett before the apocalypse.


At some point during the outbreak, Beckett joined a helicopter group known as the CRM. When working with Isabelle, he would always discuss about a cabin with a beautiful view.

While Beckett and Isabelle were on a resupply mission, they witness the aftermath of a power plant meltdown. It killed the people inside it making them turn into radioactive walkers. Beckett panics about turning into one of them. Isabelle then shoots Beckett because of his panicking. However, she failed to put Beckett down and as a result, when Beckett reanimated, he joined a herd.

Season 5

Here to Help


The End of Everything


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