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Morning Maddie, lot of kids out sick today, thought you were another victim.
— Art to Madison when she enters the school., Pilot

Art Costa was a minor character in the first season. He was portrayed by Scott Lawrence.

Art was the principal of Paul R. Williams High School prior to his death.



Art is an African-American male in his 40s who lived in Los Angeles and was the Principal of Paul R. Williams High School. Madison and Travis were among his fellow co-workers.

Season 1[]


Art greets Madison Clark when she enters school, and thought she may have been absent as many people have gotten sick. He expresses concern over the strange stories about an epidemic.[1]

"So Close, Yet So Far"[]

Art is infected.

In the beginning of the episode, Art is walking down an empty hallway at school communicating with an unknown responder on his walkie-talkie saying its clear. He is later bitten by an Infected off-screen and turns. Madison and Tobias encounter him in his reanimated state after having taken supplies from the principal's office and the school food storage. Madison was shocked to see her friend in this state and froze at the spot. She asked "Arty" if he needed help but he didn't respond and moved closer towards her. Tobias quickly took out his blade and tried to kill the undead principal - which ended with both of them falling down the stairs. "Arty" almost bit Tobias before Madison grabbed a fire extinguisher and put him down by repeatedly smashing it on his reanimated body.[2]


Season 1
Episode Appearance Status
So Close, Yet So FarAppears
The DogAbsent
Not Fade AwayAbsent
The Good ManAbsent


  • ​He looks like the U.S president, Barack Obama. This caused many jokes on YouTube and other sites, some of which insult Obama care, saying "shame your own health care doesn't work for you."
  • Art was the first of the Infected to be put down by a main character on Fear.

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