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Two thousand of them, just trampling each other. I chained the doors. That's what I did.
— Adams retelling his actions, Cobalt

Andrew Adams is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.



Andrew Adams was a reservist in the military, and had worked at a big box store as a sales associate. Andrew's called to action, and he doesn't know if he has all the tools he might need to understand these military endeavors. He's a little bit of a fish out of water. [1] Andrew is a member of the 40th Infantry Division in the California Army National Guard. He is described as being well-intentioned but out of his element military man with a soulful disposition.[2]

Season 1[]

"Not Fade Away"[]

Andrew sparks an interest in one of the residents, Ofelia Salazar, speaking with her after Moyers addressed the residents. Adams sneaks away while on patrol with Ofelia, and the two begin to get romantic; however, Ofelia stops him after she thinks they are going too fast. Ofelia asks Adams about medicine (possibly using her relationship with him to get medicine for her mother), but he said that he had been unable to get any, as the medicine seems to be in short supply. After putting off the National guards radio message to him one too many times, Adams is forced to leave.


Adam's is kidnapped by Daniel Salazar, and is imprisoned in the basement of the Tran home, where he is tortured and questions about military plans.

"The Good Man"[]

Unknown to the rest of the group, as they were leaving El Sereno Travis let Andrew go instead of keeping him prisoner.

Adams catches up with the group at the military hospital, where he shoots Ofelia Salazar in the shoulder in revenge for what her father did. He is then badly beaten by Travis.



Season 1 appearances
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