Ana is a recurring character in the second season. She is portrayed by Denitza Garcia.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Very little is known about Ana's life before the Apocalypse, except that she was married to a man named Francisco and they had a daughter named Laura. They lived in or near the city of Tijuana.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 2 Edit

"Pillar of Salt" Edit

Earlier in the morning at La Colonia, Ana speaks through the marketing place with her husband and sick daughter, Laura. But they get lost when they slip through a metal panel at the wall. They would be soon captured after using blood to look like a zombie. Nick would capture them and keep them hostage.

"Wrath" Edit

As Nick trades with Reynaldo, they discover Francisco dead family. Including Laura and Ana

"North" Edit

As Madison, Travis, and Alicia explored the abandoned supermarket, they find Francisco's family dead.

Gallery Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Francisco - Francisco was Ana's husband
  • Laura - Laura was Ana's daughter.

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