This housing estate (called "Abigail Home Experience") in a minor location in Season 2a of Fear.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

The housing estate was created before the apocalypse. It may be that this housing estate, as a business interest of the Abigail family, was one of the reasons that Victor Strand returned to America from Mexico.

Luis Flores mentions that the first phase of the project was ninety percent complete, with the second phase ready to be started.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Nicholas Clark was sent to this estate by Strand in order to find his contact, Luis Flores.

Nick spends the night in the tent city on the beach near the housing estate in order to evade military helicopters and boats.

He arrives at the neighborhood the following morning. After wandering around for a short time, he finds it largely abandoned, apart from a few Infected. The whole estate is protected with a large chain link fence with barbed wire. Nick finds Luis Flores inside a home under construction and proves that he is an associate of Strand's.

When Nick enquires as to why Luis doesn't stay at the gated community, Luis says he prefers his home in Baja California and directs Nick to his raft.

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